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My name is Martyn, I am a husband, a father, a brother and most recently a very proud grandfather with more additions due soon!

Professionally I have always viewed myself as a student of management and leadership – I love these subjects and for the last 12 years I have been in love with coaching too, both as a leadership attitude and vital skillset.

I went to Cardiff University in 1976 to do, or as I was corrected by one of my lecturers, to ‘read’ Economics and Politics. I found the first year a heavy repeat of my A levels and I grew bored and asked myself ‘do you want to be either a politician or a pure economist?’ and on realising the answer to each was ‘no’, I decided to switch to something more practical. Enter the world of Management Studies, or as I think of it, applied economics and applied politics.

Over the course of a 30+ year career, I have been fortunate enough to tackle and competently master a wide range of management disciplines. As an employee I have journeyed from being a production buyer, into IT as an analyst programmer and project management, on to credit management across into business operations with a stint in new product development before returning to the IT fold to lead major outsourcing initiatives and infrastructure programmes. As an interim manager I have operated as an IT consultant and IT Director. I have worked with some well-known brands both in the private and not-for-profit sectors.

I share all this not because it is particularly impressive, plenty of people have done more with their careers, and of course many have done a lot less. Rather I share it hopefully to convey some credibility to the sort of leaders I want to work with.

On reflection it’s fair to say my endorsed skills on Linked-in also reflect my core motivations of collaboration, curiosity and achieving results. So perhaps coaching was always going to find me.

I got into coaching in March 2006 when I was encouraged by a lady called Sue Belgrave to read Sir John Whitmore’s ‘Coaching for Performance’. This book spoke to me rather like a radical political pamphlet from a bygone age might have done. ‘This is the missing piece in my leadership skillset’, I thought and ‘I have to do something to take this forward’. And so I did, signing up for an MSc in Coaching & Development starting that September. I loved the course and it changed me forever. Yes, I was smitten, but you may be glad to know while I still think coaching is great, I no longer see it as the answer to everything like I did in those early days.

Since graduating with an MSc at the age of 52, I have of course coached a fair few people and delivered coaching skills training to several hundreds of professionals. I have long harboured a sense of purpose around leadership coaching, but it is only this year 2018 where my purpose has crystallised into the words ‘Inspiring Leaders to Grow’. This is now my focus and professional calling for the next 10 years. I hope many leaders, and would-be leaders will share it with me.

Martyn Carr

Qualifications / Examinations

University Of Portsmouth

MSc Coaching and Development

BSc Economics 

PRINCE2 Practitioner (2008 & 2013)

Diploma Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply

British Computer Society (Part 1)

Choosing the right type of business coach

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Career Timeline


Left school


BSc Economics


Thorn EMI - Buyer


Sainsbury's- Analyst Programmer


Thomas Cook - Project Manager/Credit Manager


American Express - VP Technologies


Legal & General - Supplier Manager


Royal College of General Practitioners - IT Director


Linklaters - IT Consultant


Royal National Lifeboat Institution - IT Consultant


OneFamily - Interim IT Delivery Manager


Dobbies Garden Centres - Interim PM


Mitie - IT Consultant


Capita - IT Consultant


Infosys - Coaching Trainer


Martyn Carr Coaching

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