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Most businesses experience crises from time to time, whether they’re stagnating, or growing. Our business coaching is resolutely coaching led but also combines mentoring and consultancy skills as each situation requires. Our interventions are bespoke and designed to support leaders and their teams through challenging and often complex times, without creating a dependency on us as an external agency for change.

There’s always a metaphorical iceberg out there somewhere, and by engaging Martyn Carr Coaching we believe firms will become better equipped to anticipate threats and opportunities, align on what actions need to be taken and taking the necessary action before it’s potentially too late.

By engaging us for business coaching, client’s gain access to extensive experience in both the private and not-for-profit sectors. For example, Martyn’s core expertise is in IT but spans a wide range of other managerial roles too from procurement to marketing, through credit and business operations. By combining industry experience with a strong coaching-led approach you gain access to a compelling and practical blend of consulting and highly collaborative working to support finding solutions to your situation’s unique needs including current and approaching crises.

What our clients say

The coaching has really helped me be more decisive using the techniques given to me. I feel more confident when I have situation to make key decisions.

30 year old Business Owner

I learned a lot including how to implement, manage and adapt what I learned to suit our company’s ethos. With the help of Martyn, I am now much better equipped to manage the people and their behaviours that are the heart of the company.

29 year old Operations Manager

Helped me to reflect upon and address many short-term management issues, to develop aspects of my leadership skills that have been invaluable in the long term for example I am now much more effective  addressing conflicts within teams and between teams

Helped me to find a new leadership role where I have been able to be far more effective in achieving my ambitions for the regeneration of East London.

Senior Leader of a Development Corporation

With Martyn the focus was on my approach to my career - and in many ways life in general.I found it hard initially to identify what I wanted from a career - in fact I'm still not completely sure even now - but coaching empowered me to make the right decision at the right time for the right reasons.

IT Architect

At Infosys Consulting we always monitor the feedback we get from the delegates we put on our training programmes. Matthias and Martyn, whether delivering the course together or individually, have always received very positive feedback. ‘Excellent, great or very good trainers” and “clearly competent with their subject’ are typical comments.

Daniela, Global L&D Manager
Infosys Consulting, Zurich 2018
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